Fertility Clinic

Becoming an Egg Donor in NYC


If you’re considering donating your eggs to help someone else achieve their dream of having a child, thank you. You are creating an incredible, life changing opportunity for someone who can’t conceive on their own. At NYU Langone Fertility Center, our dedicated physicians and staff make each donor’s safety, privacy, respect, and dignity our top priority.

Many people who desperately want to build a family cannot conceive a child with their own eggs due to a wide variety of fertility challenges. Whether these issues are the result of cancer, age, poor egg quality, low or zero eggs available for conception, genetic disease, unknown or other causes, these individuals depend upon donor eggs to realize their dream of family. Egg donation creates a life-changing opportunity to help people become parents.

At NYULFC, we require all individuals donating eggs to be between the ages of 21 and 30, be physically and emotionally healthy, be a nonsmoker with no history of substance abuse, and all donors must have a complete medical history. We are industry leaders in ovarian stimulation, egg retrieval, and egg-freezing technology, ensuring that eggs retrieved maintain their quality throughout the process, so you can feel confident you’re placing your trust in one of the most established egg donor programs in the country.

The egg donation process at NYULFC is comprised of three main steps, all of which take place at our state-of-the-art fertility center located in New York City.

Step 1: Application & Consultation

If you are between 21 and 30 years of age, you may be a candidate for egg donation. Once you complete the online application, we will schedule your egg donor screening appointment to evaluate your overall and reproductive health, genetic history, and psychological stability (all screening and testing is provided at no charge to you).

Step 2: Preparation

If you are found to be an ideal egg donor candidate and you want to proceed with the donation, you will begin preparation for ovarian stimulation. Our dedicated nurses will teach you how to perform medication injections and we will provide all necessary fertility medications.

Step 3: Stimulation & Retrieval

Egg production will be stimulated with daily fertility medications. Over the course of approximately two weeks, you will visit NYU Langone Fertility Center where we will monitor the growth of your eggs using an ultrasound. After you receive a final medication prep, your eggs will be retrieved under anesthesia during a 10-20 minute surgical procedure. After your eggs are retrieved, a follow-up appointment will be scheduled to ensure you're comfortable, happy, and healthy.

Successful egg donors are awarded $10,000 in compensation for their time and effort throughout the donation process. Following each egg donation cycle, egg donors will receive a 1099 tax form from the Fertility Center in order to report this $10,000 income to the Internal Revenue Service.

If you’re interested in joining our egg donor program and donating your eggs, apply today!