Fertility Finances

Financing Fertility Treatments with BUNDL


Fertility treatment often comes at a significant financial and emotional cost. NYU Langone Fertility Center is proud to partner with BUNDL, a unique program that allows patients to lower fertility treatment cost by packaging multiple treatment cycles together into one up-front cost, so patients can minimize their financial burden and focus on building their families.


One in eight couples struggle with infertility, and financing treatment is often a barrier for patients hoping to expand their families. BUNDL’s founders know first-hand how challenging this can be, having experienced their own journeys with diminished ovarian reserve, secondary infertility, surrogacy, and other barriers. Inspired by their experience, they created a tool that eases patients’ financial burdens.

BUNDL understands that every path to parenthood is unique and is designed to be flexible, giving patients multiple packages to choose from and custom add-ons including egg donor sourcing and risk protection plans. BUNDL’s industry-first risk protection plan even offers full or partial refunds for unsuccessful treatments (subject to eligibility requirements and additional terms and conditions).

The Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology recently found that over 70% of couples seeking fertility treatment required more than one treatment cycle to achieve a successful pregnancy. While this represents a significant financial investment, BUNDL offers three packages to help patients achieve their goals with one up-front cost. Each package includes the option to customize add-ons for egg donors through MyEggBank and/or PGT-A testing.

1+1 Package

2- Retrieval Package

3-Retrieval Package

*Success Guard represents BUNDLs commitment to patient experience. If patients are successful with their IUI treatment, 100% of the cost of the planned IVF treatment will be refunded (subject to additional terms and conditions).

**BUNDL Guard offers industry-first risk protection, offering unsuccessful patients a 100% refund of their principal investment (subject to eligibility requirements and additional terms and conditions).