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The Cost of Surrogacy in NYC, Explained


In February 2021, the Child-Parent Security Act was passed in New York State, legalizing compensated gestational surrogacy. What is gestational surrogacy? A gestational surrogate (most often referred to as a “gestational carrier”) is a woman who agrees to become pregnant by receiving an embryo transfer from an individual or couple who created an embryo using their own gametes ("autologous IVF"), donor eggs, donor sperm, or some combination of autologous and donor tissue.

Gestational carriers may be recommended for individuals or couples who do not have a uterus, experience uterine problems, have experienced recurrent pregnancy loss and/or suffer from certain medical conditions that inhibit carrying a pregnancy to term. Using a gestational carrier is different from traditional “surrogacy” (where the individual who carries the pregnancy is also the egg donor) as a gestational carrier does not contribute to the genetic makeup of the child (meaning a gestational carrier’s eggs are not used to create the embryo).

In a paid gestational carrier cycle at NYULFC, the costs can be broken down into two components: fees paid to NYULFC and fees paid to a gestational carrier agency. NYU Langone Fertility Center requires that you work with an approved gestational carrier agency registered in New York State. Agency fees are subject to the agency and must be paid directly to the agency.

The cost of a gestational carrier cycle at NYULFC can be broken down as follows:

  • Administrative fee for female partner genetic screening (if applicable) - $500
  • Administrative fee for male partner genetic screening (if applicable) - $750
  • Intended Parent(s) psychological consultation - $450
  • Gestational Carrier psychological consultation - $450
  • Psychological consultation with both the Intended Parent(s) and the Gestational Carrier - $200
  • IVF cycle (if intended parents are using their own gametes) – begins at $12,650
  • Frozen Embryo Transfer - $4,000

Please note the above is intended as a guide, your unique care plan will determine all applicable cycle fees. Fees listed above do not include the cost of fertility medications, anesthesia, or products and services provided by third parties, including gestational carrier agencies.

NYU Langone Fertility Center is committed to helping you navigate all financial aspects of your gestational carrier cycle. We offer comprehensive, state-of-the-art infertility treatment at competitive rates, and our team works together with you to evaluate your payment options, including insurance coverage and/or patient financing programs to cover your care. We are proud to partner with Origin Finance to help put parenthood within reach. Origin Finance can loan up to $100,000 towards the cost of a gestational surrogacy journey, including journeys with an egg donor. Loans range from 3 – 15 years in length with fixed annual percentage rates (APR) starting at under 6%. Plans start at $900 per month up to $1900 per month.