Multi-Cycle IVF Packages undefined Guarantees

Navigating the Cost of Care

Thousands of families have placed their trust in NYU Langone Fertility Center for our personalized fertility care and outstanding outcomes. Some of the most common questions weundefinedre asked, however, are related to the cost of treatments:

  • How do I finance fertility care?
  • Do you have affordable IVF options?
  • Does my insurance cover fertility treatments?
  • What if the IVF treatments donundefinedt work? Do I have risk protection?
  • Is there an IVF package deal for multiple cycles?

Weundefinedre committed to helping our patients navigate the financial aspects of this process, offering solutions that relieve some of the cost-associated stress on the path to parenthood.

Bundlundefined Makes Fertility Affordable for Aspiring Parents

Understanding how important customizable, cost-effective solutions are for patients, NYU Langone Fertility Center is proud to partner with Bundl. This unique program combines multiple fertility treatments into a single package for one reduced, up-front cost. And if your treatments are unsuccessful, Bundl may refund some or all of your investment.

The experts behind Bundl have each been on their own fertility journeys, which is why they designed a program that lowers fertility treatment cost, includes financial protection, and offers core flexible packages that can be customized for your particular needs.

Ready to Explore Your Financial Options?

Case studies on paying for IVF

  • Case studies on paying for IVF
  • The pros and cons of different financing methods
  • Additional costs to look out for on your fertility journey

How Does Bundl Help with Fertility Costs?

Bundl is not a bank or a lending space undefined it is a unique program designed to help you navigate the financial aspect of fertility care with less stress and more control. In addition to customizing an affordable fertility package for you, the Bundl team can offer an additional layer of risk protection through Success Guardundefined and Bundl Guardundefined.

Wondering if this program is right for you? You might need a Bundl if:

  • Youundefinedre just not sure where to startundefinedwe can help!
  • You donundefinedt have IVF insurance coverage
  • Your insurance covers some of the fertility treatment costs, but youundefinedre unclear how to manage expenses from there
  • You want risk protection if your fertility treatments are unsuccessful
  • Youundefinedre concerned about undefinedhiddenundefined fees

You Carry the Baby. Bundl Carries the Financial Risk.

undefinedNow Iundefinedm actually looking forward to the process. Thank you BUNDL for being the sweetest and most helpful people to work with.undefined